Bring your physical legacy assets to the digital era!
Our solution's flexible design enables you to connect your physical legacy assets, as well as your stored data, to your digital networks, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud! 

How Beryllium can help you collect and transfer you data? Simple,
with Be-XConnect!

Be-XConnect is a software tool that enables manufacturers, scientist, engineers, business process owners, IT operations managers and researchers collect data from different data sources and devices, on-premise or on the cloud, and integrate them from a single interface into a single or multiple repositories.


Collect the data generated from devices, machines, software platfroms and more!

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Transform the data into protocols acceptable by your data repositories!

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Integrate data to other devices, machines or/and databases!

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Be-XConnect is a simple to use yet powerful tool!

Be-XConnect was design with simplicity in mind. Its no-coding needed interface makes it easy for any person in the IT industry to complete any integration project they need. Save time, effort and money on your data integration projects!

We also provide you with the services you'll need!

From consulting services to training, we are your one stop shop for your integration project's needs.


Our expert consultants can help you identify opportunities and design workflows for your operations

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Our team of expert designers and developers will help you implement your digitization projects.

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Enhance your IT team's capabilities with expert training from our Beryllium Corporation team.

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